Public Celebration of Holy Mass

ALL PUBLIC MASSES ON HOLD at Holy Spirit Church, effective Thursday, June 4th – until we are ready


Three live Masses took place this week and we learned that, while some things went well, overall we are simply not ready. The top priorities are ensuring HEALTH and SAFETY and offering a PROPER, PEACEFUL MASS for all involved – the celebrants, the volunteers and the congregation. We were not able to adequately achieve these goals in the short time frame given. Rather than risk the possible negative outcomes of launching too soon, we have decided to slow down. We must achieve:

– Better Communication

– An Easy and Equitable Registration Process

– Recruitment and Training of a large number of volunteers to meet AHS and Diocesan standards

We are very sorry this step back has been necessary. Please be patient and continue to use On-Line Mass Options. The dispensation from your obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still in effect.

Live-streamed Mass & Prayer Resources for the Domestic Church

Live-streamed Mass & Prayer Resources

for the Domestic Church & Shut-Ins 

Bishop McGrattan encourages all Catholics to pray at home, either by watching the live streamed Masses, having a time of prayer, following readings of the Sunday, and practising a spiritual communion. Here is the list of resources available on our website:

We invite you to make these resources available to your parishioners. Please note this list is not exhaustive. We invite you to share with us additional resources to share with the parishes in our Diocese. Email us at