Small Groups

SMALL GROUPS are active in our Parish.  This is an opportunity for YOU to Grow deeper in relationship with Christ, Pray more and Share your faith.  Morning and Evening group times are available, new times will be added as needed.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join. Please click here to register online.

Why Small Groups:


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– This past summer was greatly blessed when I was invited to take part in a small group pilot project at Holy Spirit Parish.  Originally I was skeptical, however very quickly I realized that this was an answer to a long held prayer/longing that I have had; to belong to a group where the discussion of our Catholic faith was the reason for getting together.  Being able to pray, read the Sunday Gospels, discuss and share not only the insights and wisdom of a selected author, but our own personal journey with others has helped solidify my own personal reason for choosing to be a member of God’s family.  Sometimes we know we need something more in our lives to help us deepen our faith, enrich and purify the love that we want God and others to receive from us, and find others to support us along out path to Heaven.  I believe that this Small Group initiative will do just that.  The possibility of forming lasting friendships centred on God can only be further blessings in our lives.          Robin Behringer, parishioner of the Holy Spirit Parish

– I believe that there are many things that separate us from God in this world…work, problems  and illness amongst family and friends and our fears. Even during mass I find myself being distracted by my to do list. Small groups are wonderful because they allow us to connect with others through our shared desire to truly know God’s love.                      Alice Saldanha, parishioner of the Holy Spirit Parish