Thanks to your generous support at Holy Spirit Parish!

We have reached our goal for Together In Action (TIA) $64,385, which is 100% Congratulations!.

Together In Action (TIA) is the annual fundraising campaign of the Calgary Diocese in which all parishes work together, each raising their share of the two million dollar goal.  Funds are used to make lives better for our vulnerable neighbours and to support important Ministries. Further information is available through our website and the Diocesan website.

Who is TIA? We, as Catholic brothers and sisters, come together to manifest the mercy we receive from Christ to our vulnerable neighbours. TIA has good governance, transparency and an exceptionally low fundraising cost. All donations are tax deductible. Further information is available through our Parish office, our website or directly from the Diocesan website.

Thank you again! Together we achieved our goal.
Please support TIA by making your cheques payable to Together In Action, using the envelopes marked TIA in the pews or clicking the “Donate Now” red button.  Thank you!

TIA – Meals on Wheels Project.

TIA Story Bulletin Insert Between Friends

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