Parish Pastoral Plan – Key Goals and Objectives 2017-2020

The primary goal of the Holy Spirit Parish Pastoral Plan is to ‘make disciples’ and accompany everyone to a conversion of faith. By providing the means and enabling the parishioners of Holy Spirit Parish, guided by the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church, to obtain a mature and vibrant life of sacraments and prayer. To evangelize others with zeal, and the vitality of the Holy Spirit.

We desire to achieve this goal through the guidance and collaboration with the Pastoral Team (Priests), by delivering on Pastoral Objectives and by engaging the Parishioners in a structured, intentional and understanding manner.

The development of these Pastoral Objectives will provide a focus for our programs, groups, activities, and Ministries so that we are all aligned and working towards our goal of ‘conversion of faith’.

Please see link below to the PPC Summary document.

PPC Summary 2018

PPC Ministry Year (Nov 2017-Oct 2018)
Parish Ministries PPC                                                    PPC Members                       

Profession of Faith Ministry                                          John Duckett,
(Religious Education)                                                     Alice Saldanha, Roberto García

Ministry of the Christian Mystery                                  Rob Borkowsky
(Liturgical)                                                                          2 Vacancies

Life in Christ Ministry                                                     Russell Krasey, Francis Nduka,
(Service and Evangelization)                                          Samir Girgis

Prayer Ministry                                                                 Nancy Patiarroy, Carlo Flores,
(Prayer and Adoration)                                                   1 Vacancy

PPC Chair                                                                           Fr. David Meadows & Paul Moroney

Additional key function contacts:
Parish Administration – Fr. Derek Remus
Communications – VACANT