Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council, in collaboration with the Pastoral Team (our Pastor, Associate Pastor and Deacons) brings all elements of the Parish together in order that they may work jointly to build the Parish as a living Christian Community. Its function is to support and advise the Pastor on current issues of a pastoral nature as well as to aid in creating a Pastoral Vision for the Parish.

Meetings consist of hearing a number of reports from various committees, such as Finance Council, Maintenance Committee, Youth Ministry, as they are available.  The Pastor provides a pastoral report, suggests coming events, presents future considerations for the Parish and requests input on various

The Council seeks to be what it represents – a living Christian Community.

Pastoral Team: 

Fr. David Meadows,  Pastor

Fr. Derek Remus,  Associate Pastor

Deacon Paul Heffernan,  Deacon

Deacon  Alex Martinez,  Deacon

Parish Council Members:

Roberto Garcia,  Chair

Allan Lafrance,  Knights of Columbus

Debbie Onysyk,  Catholic Women’s League

Pedro Hernandez, Hispanic Group

Susan Duckett,  Pastoral Care

Rob Eager,  Liturgy

Cecilia Dabbagh,  Youth Ministry

Nancy Patiarroy,  Spiritual Prayer