In-person attendance is limited to 360 people per Mass. Pre-registration is not required.

Masks are mandatory

Two meters physical distancing between households

No social gatherings in parish halls and facilities



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Advent Mission 2021

In this 2021 Advent Mission, Fr. Jesuit Max Oliva, and some good    champions of mercy—from Pope Francis to Jackie Robinson, will guide us how we can become persons of mercy. Fr. Max Oliva will share stories and insights from decades of retreat ministry and from his book, “Becoming a person of mercy.” The Advent Mission and his book are part spiritual refreshment  and part practical guide. During the sessions there will be questions for reflection to help us to discern how God, the source of mercy, calls us to extend mercy to others, to his own creation, and especially to ourselves.

Sessions will be at Holy Spirit Parish – December 6 to 9

Morning 9:30 am or Evenings 7:00 p.m.




How the program works

  • The grocery cards can be used to purchase groceries and gasoline.
  • Households spend on groceries and gas – kindly consider supporting this fundraiser with ongoing monthly purchases of cards
  • The Knights of Columbus buy these cards in bulk. As a charity we receive a discount on the purchase price, which is how funds get generated
  • COOP pays the highest commission at 9%, then Safeway at 7% & Superstore at 5%
  • The proceeds are distributed 50% right to the Parish and 50% to Knights of Columbus who directs the funds to Parish outreach programs (typically Come to the Table and Feed the Hungry)

Instructions to purchase cards here



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