Happy New Year!

Thanks be to God. Father David and Father Pilmaiken were both released from quarantine on December 31, and they were able to celebrate Mass on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  We will be returning to our regular parish schedule as shown above.

Holy Spirit Needs Your Support now more than ever. Christmas Masses often provide churches that extra boost to finish off the year well. With all the restrictions this year has not been a good one.  Your support is very much needed and appreciated. So, even if you haven’t been able to attend a Mass in person please consider dropping by the office Dec 30 or 31 with your donation, or mailing it in to: Holy Spirit Church 10827-24th St SW Calgary T2W 2Z2

Knights deliver donated washer & dryer to a family in need.

  Team work…. Marta Toltesi found it for the family,  Pat Niehaus worked with family helping  them get beds, baby crib, Christmas presents  & washer & dryer.  Three Knights drove to Bearspaw to pick them up & deliver them. A three ministry service job!! Serving by working together!


On Tuesday December 15 Holy Spirit parishioners experienced a morning of helping people less fortunate. Our annual Christmas hamper delivery day saw 27 drivers with big smiles on their faces as they accepted full bags of presents from the Holy Spirit giving tree. See picture. In addition to the gifts, and due to the generous …

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