Following all weekend Masses on June 1 and 2 (Corpus Christi Sunday) parishioners aged 18 and older are invited to participate in the Pastoral Renewal Survey.

The survey is designed as a tool for us to reflect on our discipleship journey. It will also equip our parish leadership with insights to make informed decisions, fostering the growth of our faith and community.

The survey can be completed either online or on paper:

  • Please bring a portable electronic device (phone, iPad) if you plan to complete the survey online
  • Don’t forget to bring a pen or pencil if you choose the paper option
  • If you are unable to attend that weekend, the survey will remain accessible online via the parish website from June 1 to June 14








How the program works

  • The grocery cards can be used to purchase groceries and gasoline.
  • Households spend on groceries and gas – kindly consider supporting this fundraiser with ongoing monthly purchases of cards
  • The Knights of Columbus buy these cards in bulk. As a charity we receive a discount on the purchase price, which is how funds get generated
  • COOP and Safeway pay commission at 6% & Superstore at 5%
  • The proceeds are distributed 50% right to the Parish and 50% to Knights of Columbus who directs the funds to Parish outreach programs (typically Come to the Table and Feed the Hungry)

Instructions to purchase grocery cards here






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