Due to Covid-19 we do not have a schedule for meeting.  Please come back and see when we have an update.

The Holy Spirit Parish Youth Ministry is a vibrant community of young people committed to supporting the youth of the parish in fostering a deeper relationship with Jesus by building a safe, faith-filled environment where the youth can encounter Christ in a personal way.

The Youth Ministry aims to reach out to young people across the parish to share the Good News of Christ to those who may not know Him, build values and moral character and send out leaders that will bring positive change in the community.

  • The Youth Ministry is founded on five guiding principles that all activities are built on:
  • Youth Ministry is FUN! – It promotes a safe environment that allows the youth to express themselves without ridicule or judgment. It promotes healthy lifestyles and encourages growth through active learning.
  • Youth Ministry shares the FAITH – It provides catechesis from sound theology that is accessible and meaningful to young people in the modern world. It teaches moral values based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, the lives of the Saints, and other resources approved by the church.
  • Youth Ministry builds FRIENDSHIPS – It creates an atmosphere where everyone can relate to others and develop lifelong bonds that will be nurtured in the parish and extends beyond the walls of the church.
  • Youth Ministry encourages FREEDOM – It allows young people to learn about the true freedom that faith in Jesus Christ brings. Young people are free to speak if they’re capable and are not forced to participate in activities they are not comfortable with. It challenges young people to see the world and live beyond the norms that modern culture upholds.
  • Youth Ministry creates FELLOWSHIP with others – similar to friendship, the Youth Ministry will be a bridge between young people and the parish. Youth Ministry fosters and atmosphere that inspires the youth to be a part of the church, serve in Ministry and be witnesses to the faith.